Talking career management with RadioLive

I was honoured to join Roman Travers on his RadioLive show recently where we had a great discussion about career management, what keeps us stuck and how to deal with difficult people at work.


I believe in asking the big questions to gain more clarity and ownership for what purposeful work looks like for ourselves – not your parents, spouse or work colleague’s expectations.


When we become more comfortable with who we are and how we choose to show up – our light shines for others to follow.


Here are some key time codes you can look out for to hear what I shared about:

  • 1:03 – “to enjoy your work is not to work a day in your life”
  • 2:45 – how work places are or not supporting work-life balance?
  • 04:45 – how can you be politely confrontational?
  • 05:55 – what stops us from making significant change?
  • 08:20 – are we getting soft or is work place stress a real thing?
  • 10:44 – tips to manage personal conflict at work
  • 13:22 – managing workplace stress and home life


You can access the recording here.


If you’re feeling stuck or wondering what “next” may look like for your career – book a free Discovery call with me today!









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