• My career was my identity

    My soul
    wanted more

    You may recognise that moment.

About us

Hi and welcome! Whilst this space has been created for you, I understand if you want to get to know what I offer as a career coach as you come on board.

With 20 years as a corporate Marketing / Communications change specialist, my experience includes unpacking company’s stories to shape brands, create change and harness people’s excitement to deliver strategy.

For many years – work was my identity. Following two major resets around the all-consuming role that work played in my life (adrenal burnout and restarting my career in a new country), I feel passionately about reconnecting people to what purposeful, healthy work looks like for them.

I work with smart, driven people and people leaders who want to feel enriched and energised by their work:

  • You’d like to enhance your leadership skills or improve work stress management
  • You may have a career transition or change coming up
  • You’d like to leverage your skills and talents with intensive 1:1 coaching 


A certified coach, my coaching techniques combines the best of learnings from behavioural science evidence based ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Martha Beck and the relational/communication skills from horses.

These help you gain more clarity with the whispers inside you, create the shifts in your life and career as well as practical tools to navigate the path ahead. 


I look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to reach me here.